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Guild Charter

As a member you are entitled to the full benefits of the guild. This includes, but is not limited to: participation in guild events, the use of our message boards and website, the use of guildchat in-game, the use of our Teamspeak server for you and your friends for WoW and other activities. You have the right to speak freely about your concerns and ideas on the forums, on Teamspeak (some restrictions apply here, see below) and in-game. You have the right to information from the officers/assists and guild leader. They are obliged to answer all of your questions truthfully. You have the right to request assistance from guild mates in your adventures. You are at the same time strongly encouraged to help your guild mates when needed, but not required to be at everyone’s beck and call.
You are entitled to be treated fairly, equally and with respect at all times. You are bound to treat others in the guild in the same manner.

You have the right to request a change in guild policy, rules or anything else related to the guild. To do so, you need to post a poll on the private forum. If at least 30% of the members votes, and 70% or more is in favor, the requested change is accepted. The poll closes in 5 days.

As a member of <Hymn> you will be kind and courteous to all players in the game. You will not kill steal, intentionally train, spam, insult, flame or bad mouth players, GMs or chat channels, or do anything that reflects negatively upon the reputation of the guild or its members.

Discrimination or slander based on race, gender, religion, sexual preference or anything that is not accepted in real life, will not be tolerated. Punishment will be swift and severe.

You will not harass, beg or complain to get people for your group, about being power leveled, teleported, resurrected, given loot, get enchants or items crafted. These things are not your rights, but your privileges. If a member or the guild decides to help you in this way, that is that member’s decision. You cannot demand it from your guild mates.

Guild chat may at times get rude and you are asked to have a thick skin and not to take offense at things that are meant as a joke. However, cruel comments and sexual harassment to another player will not be tolerated. This will be punishable by either a warning or removal from the guild.

If you have any issues with other members of the guild, or other players, you will discuss those problems with the other person first. Do not bring issues to the officers unless you absolutely require mediation. We are all adults here and it is the belief of this guild that we can handle our own disagreements.

If an issue arises that cannot be resolved, you will act in a dignified manner and allow the leadership of the guild to hand out any reprimands if required.

Most importantly the guild is designed to enhance the enjoyment of the game for you and everyone that plays it. Do not cause undue stress or be disruptive within the guild for your own pleasure. Do not ruin the playtime of others.

  • Guild Master
  • Officer
  • Officer Alt
  • Veteran
  • Core Raider
  • Member
  • Trial
  • Social
  • Alt

NOTE: Once you join <Hymn>, we ask you to be committed to our cause. We therefore ask you to join our guild with any alts you may have. Exceptions to this rule are Socials, who aren't part of our raid team.

The guild has a Guild Master. He/She has complete authority, but is required to listen to every officer before making important decisions. The officers have the role of adviser to the guild master, and to help out in daily tasks.

Currently the leadership consists of:
Guild Master: Squatbooty
Officers: Empathy, Policija, Novakh

The tasks of the guild master and officers include (but is not limited to):
  • Recruitment
  • Organizing PvE and PvP raids
  • Leading 10 man and 25 man PvE raids
  • Distributing loot
  • Moderating the forum and Teamspeak
  • Communication between members and guild masters
  • Mediation in case of a dispute between members

A special honor given to long-time members who have proven dedicated and loyal to <Hymn>. Veterans set an example, and act in unity with the leadership. A Core Raider can become a Veteran after proving themselves over a longer period of time.

Core Raider
The backbone of our guild. Core Raiders form the spine of our raid team. Core Raiders have proven that they are a great addition to our raid team, and are given priority on raid spots. Members can become Core Raiders after contributing to our raids over a period of time. Core Raiders are given raid spots over Members, Trials, Socials and Alts.

A member of our guild, and of our raid team. Members are given raid spots over Trials, Socials and Alts. Members are our future Core Raiders.

An aspirant to our raid team. Trials are given a chance to prove that they belong in our raids. After successfully attending AT LEAST 6 raids, a Trial can become a member. More than 6 raids per trial are the norm.

A friend or family member, that joins our guild for social reasons. Socials are more than welcome, but have to accept our rules regarding Behavior & Conduct towards both guild members and players outside the guild. If you wear the <Hymn> tag you represent our guild, and have to act accordingly.

An additional character made by someone in the guild. Alts can be used to fill out empty raid spots, but are not given raid spot or loot priority over other members. You may have as many alts in the guild as you like.

For a couple of years now, we have been using a Loot council to distribute the loot. The Council consists of all the officers and we use LootCouncilLite addon to simplify it.

All members (including officers) are having the same status when it comes to receiving loot. Council votes are based on a number of things, like: the activity and performance of the players bidding along with keeping track of previous items that the certain player won so loot distribution is kept fair.
The officers may restrict an item to 1 or more classes, specs or players.

The officers may give an item to a specific player if this benefits the guild greatly. If no one wants an item, the officers will decide what happens to it.