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Please make sure to keep up to date with our forums, and feel free to contribute with your own threads and posts!

Raid sign-ups!

Please remember to sign up for raids in time, so that we can plan accordingly. You can currently sign up on the in-game calendar.

<Hymn> featured stream: Nazz

Watch quality Gameplay by our guild members, featured by!

Introduce Yourself

Take a minute and introduce yourself to the guild, to give us the chance to get to know you a bit better!
Welcome to Hymn
<Hymn> is a newborn project of passion, driven by a group of friends who have been playing together for many years. Our leadership and core has been around in World of Warcraft pretty much since the start, and has played on a high level both on live servers and on Molten before the server merge.

Are you looking to become a part of our movement? Please consider the following before applying:
  • We're a group of young adults, most of us are between the age of 20-30. World of Warcraft is a passion, and our main objective is to enjoy the game.
  • We value a mature and relaxed guild atmosphere, and ask the same of you. We have our good bit of fun, but there is no place for drama in <Hymn>.
  • Most of us have been playing at a high competitive level at some point in time. We don't necessarily expect the same from you, but we ask of you to strive towards always improving.
  • Most of us also have jobs outside of World of Warcraft. Our aim is to clear all content, and to be effective and on a high level in our progression. It's still a hobby however, we do things at our own pace.
  • We have a Guild charter with rules regarding your behavior and your place in our guild. Please make sure that you read and agree with them.

If, after reading this, you still consider joining our guild, you're most welcome to apply by clicking here. For any questions, please refer to Larana, Empathy, Policija or Squatbooty.

Welcome to
<Hymn>, we look forward to having you!
<Hymn> Blog: Ulduar Progression

We're happy to announce that our Ulduar 25man progression is under good way! Despite the big buffs to the instance implented by Warmane, we've been able to get off to a solid start.

At the time of this post we've downed:

  • Flame Leviathan
  • Ignis the Furnace Master
  • XT 002 Deconstructor
  • Kologarn
  • Auriaya

Note that only bosses killed AFTER the buffs are listed.

Great job to everyone involved, keep up the good work!

Our first impressions from the launched and buffed version of Ulduar are extremely positive, and we look forward to further challenging but highly enjoyable content progression in the near future.
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